Thursday, December 11, 2008

AARGAU [är’gou]

(Fr. ARGOVIE), canton of north Switzerland crossed by the valleys of the Limmat, Reuss, and Aare rivers. These valley corridors, with large villages, arable fields, rich meadows, orchards, and vineyards, contrast sharply with the forest-clad ridges and savage gorges of the Jura Mountains that occupy the northern part of the canton. The chief towns, Aarau, Brugg, and Baden, manufacture shoes, textiles, cement, electric lamps, and scientific instrument. Most of the people of Aargau speak German. In 1415 this region passed from the rule of the habsburgs to the Swiss Confederation, but the present canton of Aargau was not defined until 1830. The capital is Aarau. The capital is Aarau. Area, 542 sq mi (1 404 km2).

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