Sunday, July 5, 2009


County of northeastern Scotland, with a coast line on the North Sea. In the south is the historic district of Mar, including the city of Aberdeen and the lower Dee Valley (Deeside). The western part, Braemar, is mountainous and includes Ben Macdhui (4,296 ft.), the second-highest peak in Scotland. The fine scenery of Braemar was first made famous by Queen Victoria, who often visited Balmoral, near Ballater. Starthbogie, to the north, is a hilly district centered around Huntly. In the northeast is Buchan, a low coastal plateau. The county is best known for its Aberdeen-Angus beef cattle and for deep-sea and inshore fishing. The city of Aberdeen, while seat of the county, itself has county status; other important towns are the fishing ports of Fraserburgh and Peterhead and the market towns of Inverurie and Huntly. The county is first mentioned about 1136, when it may have been joined with Banff. Area, 1,971 sq. mi. (5 105 km2).

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