Monday, August 31, 2009


Region of central Italy, on the Adriatic Sea. Abruzzi is composed of four provinces named for their chief cities: L'Aquila, Chieti, Pescara, and Teramo. Molise consist of the single southern province of Campobasso. L'Aquila is the departmental capital. Abruzzi divides into a western section of Apennine peaks culminating in Mount Corno (9,560 ft.) and an eastern foothills section declining to the Adriatic. Sheep grazing is the chief occupation in the mountains, olive and grape cultivation in the lowlands. Except for hydroelectric plants in the interior, industry is undeveloped. Originally inhabited by the Marsi and Peligni tribes, Abruzzi was ruled by the Romans as the region of Valeria. Called Aprutium during the Middle Ages, it was governed by the Kingdom of Naples until it became part of Italy in 1861. Area, 5,880 sq. mi.

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