Thursday, September 3, 2009


Third son of David, noted for his handsomeness and reckless ambition. By procuring the murder of his elder half brother Amnon, he both avenged a wrong done to his sister, Tamar, and made himself heir to the throne. Fearing David's wrath, he fled to the court of his grandfather, Talmai, King of Geshur (II Sam. 13:2039). After three years he was allowed to return to Jerusalem, but was excluded from David's presence for two more years. A reconciliation followed; but Absalom took advantage of it to plot to obtain the throne. After four years of this, Absalom raised the standard of revolt, and David was forced to flee. Ahithopel, a former counselor of David, advised Absalom to pursue the old King and strike him down before he could regroup his forces. But Hushai, secretly loyal to David, successfully counseled delay. When the rival forces met east of the Jordan, the rebel army was defeated. Absalom, fleeing, caught his hair in the branches of a tree and was patched by Joab.

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