Saturday, July 24, 2010


Province of ancient Greece on the northern coast of the Peloponnesus, between Elis  and Sicyon. The name derives from the Achaeans, who, traditionally, migrated here when driven out of other parts of the Peleponnesus by Dorian invaders. Sybaris, Croton, and Metapontum were colonized from Achaea.Settling in 12 cities, the Achaeans formed the Achaean League, a loose association for mutual protection, assembling at Helice until 373 B.C. and letter at Aegium. The state was not influential in Greek affairs until Hellenistic times, when a reinvigorated Achaean League controlled the whole Peloponnesus and became the chief political power in Greece. As a Roman province, Achaea comprised the entire peninsula and much of central Greece.

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